Friday, July 31, 2015

The Great Gaertner UK Road Trip: Edinburgh

We crossed the Scottish border in the middle of the night, so we pulled into Edinburg in complete darkness and tucked our sleeping puppies into bed. The next morning, everyone was starving and breakfast was the first priority.

As we turned into the alley behind our hotel, there was a little old lady with purple-white hair unlocking the smallest tea room a person could imagine:

As we walked in, she exclaimed, "Come in! Come in! I'll put a pot on forya." And before we knew it our table was covered with peppermint tea, delicious scones, cream, butter, the very best shortbread, and jam. When Jon thanked her as she brought out his food she laughed, patted his head, and said, "Well aren't you a fine wee lad? A little American gentleman, I'd say!"

At one point a couple came in and asked if they could get some coffee to go. She rolled her shoulders back and told them that if they were in such a hurry they should "go to McDonald's. But good food takes time."

It was a very Scottish welcome to Edinburgh. And we loved it.

After breakfast we walked to our first of many castles: Edinburgh Castle.

We explored everything from the queen's bedchamber to the battle look-outs to the dungeons. Jon loved standing where the knights and soldiers stood years ago.

As we walked to our car, we stopped to applaud a street performer with a red beard juggling fire and making jokes at the expense of the Irish.

It was a very Scottish 36 hours.

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