Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Love Blue!

Yesterday we found out we're getting a baby boy--and we couldn't be more thrilled!

It was the baby's 20-week ultra sound, and best of all: he is perfectly healthy.

 his profile
(arm is up with hand by his face)

Jonathan joined Fabio and I for the event. We told him they'd put a special camera on my tummy so we could see pictures of our baby while it's still inside. He agreed with his usual, "Okay." So I wasn't sure he understood. But as we walked back to the ultrasound room, Jonathan looked up at the technician and told her "We're going to see our baby!"

Then after sitting so well and waiting so patiently for half an hour, as we got up to leave the room Jonathan exclaimed, "Wait! Where's our baby?!?" I have to admit, it can be hard to pick a baby out of some of those pictures. Even Fabio and I were asking at one point or another, "Sorry. Is that his heart, or his face?"

We showed Jon the baby's (adorable) profile picture again, pointing where the baby's nose, lips, and arm were. I'm not sure he was satisfied, though.

One thing is for sure: we simply adore our little boys! We are so, so, so grateful for the news our littlest is healthy and perfect. It was so special to see his little toes, knees, hands, and face--we're getting pretty anxious to start kissing them all!

Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Five Years

2 people

6 cars
2 graduate degrees

2 summers with 115 F
1 winter with -40 F

2 hospital stays
1 brush with death
6 moves

13 countries
3 continents

2 apartments
1 house
1.45 kids

Five Years, every one sweeter than the last.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


This December was simple, and really sweet.

We enjoyed the usuals of Christmas tree decorating, reading the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, watching Elf, and Jonathan even helped me with some holiday baking...

But we really tried to keep this Christmas season focused on Christ--in a way that Jonathan could begin to understand. It wasn't easy to figure out, but one night when I heard Fabio tell Jonathan that "We have a tree in our house to help us think about Jesus at Christmastime," I realized I'd been making it much harder than it needed to be.

A few days later, I took Jonathan to Sears with me to run some errands. As we walked past the huge selection of Christmas trees for sale, I heard my little buddy pointing at each one saying, "Think about Jesus. Think about Jesus. Think about Jesus."

So I committed to keep it simple.

We played with Jonathan's little nativity scene and talked about each character. Jonathan loved to make sure that all the animals had a turn to kiss Baby Jesus goodnight. We sang Christmas songs every night before bed. We told Jonathan that we put presents under the tree to help us remember Jesus's gift to us of salvation. We made cookies for our neighbors and talked about how we try extra hard to make other people happy while the Christmas tree is up to remember what Jesus would do.

And one day, while I cleaned up lunch I heard a little voice in the family room say, "Baby Jesus, are you hungry? Let's get you something to eat." And when I came back to the table, I found this:

It was a simple Christmas Season, but it was perfect for us. Jonathan loved the decorations, telling me again and again, "They're beautiful, Mommy! Good job!" It's amazing what a sincere compliment from a two-year-old can do for you!

Jonathan didn't really get the "presents" thing until Christmas Eve when I took him to the dollar store to buy his presents for everyone. He got so excited by the spirit of giving, that by the time picked out his dad's present he knew exactly what he wanted to get for him without any guidance. When we got home, J helped me "wrap" them and put them under the tree and then he was ready for present-opening to start! But he was pretty good about waiting until the next day.

Christmas morning Jonathan realized the fun of present-opening! He loved his Thomas tracks and trains (I made a haul on E-bay--I couldn't believe my good luck),

His helicopter from Naynay and Dap,

And his Lightning McQueen from Vovo and Noel.

And he was so thrilled to give Daddy his special present, picked out entirely by himself:

When Jonathan was getting ready for bed, Fabio asked him what he got for him for Christmas. Jonathan looked at him and said, "A blue bucket. It's under the tree." Fabio was so confused until he opened it!

And of course, we finished the morning with our traditional french toast on our Christmas plates I made Fabio risk "life and limb" to get with me last year in the jungles of Malaysia... and I love them! Worth it!

For basically the rest of the afternoon, I sat at the piano with Jonathan making requests of the next Christmas song to sing. His favorites: "Silent Night" and "Angels" (Angels We Have Heard On High).

It was perfect.

(So perfect that when, a week later, Jonathan came around the corner to see I had taken down the Christmas tree and put the decorations in boxes he yelled, "Grinch! Why are you taking our Christmas Tree? Why?" And asked me that for the next four days. Lest I get too pleased with how our holidays went, there's nothing like being called the Grinch to bring you back to your place. Love that little man.)

Friday, January 17, 2014


Thanksgiving this year was full of surprises, but it ended up being one of our favorites.

When I was especially sick with new baby, my mom came out to help. She poured juice, read books, and did the laundry. It was such a relief to have her! Then, one night as she was locking up the house, she tripped and fell down our basement stairs! Fabio ran downstairs to check on her, and we heard a little "I'm in the stairwell!" She insisted she was fine, but when she still couldn't put any weight on either leg the next morning, we made her go to the Emergency Room. She had broken both legs (her right knee and left ankle), both so badly that they'd require surgery. After several nights in the hospital, the Dr. decided she couldn't come back to live with us since we didn't have a full bathroom on the main floor, and so my poor mom had to be transferred to a medical rehab facility! Fabio was a hero and ran around to get her what she needed even though he was in the middle of teaching, and I was still flattened by morning sickness.

My dad couldn't stand it any longer and jumped in his car and drove to Wisconsin to nurse my mom back to health. He completely rose to the occasion, not only nursing my mom and tending to her every need, but making food for Jonathan, keeping our kitchen cleaning, doing our laundry, and cleaning our toilets... and somehow still finding time to make wooden block airplanes with Jonathan! He was the hero of the month in no small way. Fabio was relieved to focus back on teaching, I was relieved to have help with Jonathan and the house, and of course my mom was relieved to have her hubby making sure she was well-cared-for at the rehab center.

She healed remarkably fast, and they sent her home to live with us just in time for Thanksgiving! I wasn't sure how much of a feast I was up to preparing, still feeling pretty sick most days, but between Costco and my dad to help we had quite the spread in the end! And as always, plenty to be thankful for.

rolls, stuffing, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, sliced turkey breast 
(a turkey was just not going to happen!), and pecan pie

Jonathan pounded down the potatoes (so did New Baby, if we're being totally honest), and we were so grateful to have our Naynay back.

And after it was all said and done and our tummies were ready to burst, Dap did the dishes (again).

Thanks, Daddy.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our First Badger Game

Right after J's birthday, BYU played UW.

I never thought I'd wear red to a Cougars game, but... when the Badgers put food on your table, you dress accordingly! (But we did bring a BYU blanket.)

Camp Randall Stadium is massive

Our expectations were pretty much zero as to how long Jonathan could stand to stay, so we were pleasantly surprised when he actually had a lot of fun, even in spite of the cold! He clapped with the crowd, and kept saying, "Watching football! Go Badgers!"

We made it all the way to the third quarter before J looked at me and said, "We go home now. Jon's tired."

Go Badgers!