Monday, August 3, 2015

Great Gaertner UK Road Trip: London

The iconic,

the landmarks,

the shopping,

the surprise royal sighting,

and the travel buddies.

London was like a dream, and a perfect ending to our 
crazy, amazing, eye-opening, spiritual, educational, adventuresome,
super-fun month in the UK

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Great Gaertner UK Road Trip: Southern England

Miles and miles of beautiful yellow flowers.

roaming the dappled light of ancient church ruins

and being dwarfed by the grandeur

enjoying the perfectly picturesque landscapes, rivers, and cottages of the Cotswolds

exploring Roman baths in, well...


then relaxing at a swanky limestone boutique b&b

standing in complete awe at Stonehenge,
in spite of the freezing cold

admiring the pomp and splendor of Windsor

and stopping Jon just in time from "watering the bugs" 
(aka urinating on the grass) in the Queen's rose garden.
oi vey.