Friday, July 31, 2015

Great Gaertner UK Road Trip: Wales

Tea and scones in an adorable little tea house
with a name we still can't pronounce.

A day at a living farm where we bottle-fed lambs,

held baby bunnies, and brand-new lambs, and goat kids.

We Gaertners were in baby animal heaven. 

The woman running the farm ask Jonathan to help her 
rescue a lamb that was stuck in the fence.

We visited an oceanside mediaeval castle.

We drove along the mountains, stone fences, and lush farms of the Welsh countryside,

Got lost again, but finally found this view after two hours of 
one-way roads winding along steep drop-offs... But it was worth it!


Wales, you're beautiful and charming and we love you (even though you 
don't believe in vowels and we can't say the name of any place we saw).

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