Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goodbye, Tucson!

It proved to be quite the ordeal to pack up our apartment, find a temporary place for our Singapore things, and haul our Utah things to their proper destination. The most dramatic moment was probably when Fabio and I realized the day before we picked up the U-Haul that we'd misread the information NTU sent us on how much they would pay to ship: 10 cubic meters, not 10 meters cubed (a subtle, but important difference). So we could take A LOT less than we thought to Singapore, and I may have had a minor hormonal-world-is-ending breakdown. Those happen sometimes.

But, thanks to (1) my angel mother who packed our whole house herself while Fabio had to work and I couldn't lift more than 20 lbs, (2) Fabio's gift to thrive in a bind, and (3) the mighty mighty Elder's Quorum, we resolved all 11 minor moving crises. (I won't bore you with all 11--just trust me, they were each a minor crisis.) Miraculously, we were packed and ready to go as scheduled for our big drive to Utah!

And with that, our family bids "adieu" to Tucson. Goodbye, delicious veggie burritos. Goodbye, giant cacti. Goodbye, perpetual sunshine, super cheap organic food, awesome friends, swimming pool, Frost gelato, and insanely random backyard wildlife. You will all be dearly missed.

Now... on to discovering what we're going to miss about Singapore.