Friday, July 31, 2015

Great Gaertner UK Road Trip: Preston and Liverpool

More than half of my ancestors come from Preston and Liverpool. Some of them, including Mary Rogerson, were among the first English converts to the LDS Church. I've grown up on their stories of sacrifice, faith, and heroism.

It was so special to stop in Preston, where there is now an LDS temple.

The descendants at the doors of the temple. 
Mary would be so thrilled.

We visited the river bank where Mary was baptized. 

and played on a park we found on the way.

Then we went to Liverpool, where these ancestors got on ships to a completely unknown future on faith alone. Some of them were single mothers, some of them had new babies, some of them spent every penny they had on the ship passage. 

On top of enjoying the funky hip vibe of modern Liverpool, we wandered around old ships at the pier.

And wept in gratitude for my ancestors faith and courage that paved the way for the beautiful life I enjoy.

We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants.

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