Thursday, August 28, 2014


In a stroke of serendipitous destiny, it just so happens that one of the world's largest air shows is in Wisconsin. So we really had no choice but to make the two hour drive north to Oshkosh so our little airplane boy could see the formation flyers, aerial stunts, and the hundreds of airplanes on display on the ground.

"He did a corkscrew! Did you see that, Daddy?
And that one did a falling leaf! Wow! That's amazing!"

What we didn't realize, is just how thrilled Jonathan would actually be. It turned out to be a kind of Disney World for him, where he got to meet in person the characters he'd grown to love in shows and books. He ran from airplane to airplane saying, "Mommy! B-17 is here! It has four c'pellers. And there's B-25, he has 2 c'pellers." Or, "Daddy, can we see the Corsair? Pleeeeease??" Or, "There's the Ospry--it's a helicopter and an airplane."

As we walked up and down the rows and rows of airplanes, Jonathan gasped and exclaimed, "It's DC-3! It's DC-3! Mommy, DC-3 is here! Come, Mommy! Hurry!" DC-3 is one of his favorite planes, he has a little one that he sleeps with sometimes. I looked where he was pointing, about 500 yards away, and it kind of looked liked his little plane. So we walked over, and when we got there I looked at the sign and realized it really was a DC-3! He had recognized it from so far away, and to me it looked like any other 2-prop plane.

And they were giving tours. We climbed in and walked up and down the aisle. The owner was there, and I pointed him out to Jonathan. J said, "Thank you so much for letting me see your DC-3." 

When I told the owner it was J's favorite airplane, he laughed and said he needed a picture of the little guy. After posing for the picture, the owner suggested J sit in the cockpit, which was roped off. He said, "I don't let everyone in the cockpit, but for a fellow DC-3 lover, I'll make an exception.

It was a dream come true for J-man. He couldn't believe his good luck.

We also saw another of J's favorites: the Stearman, which he also spotted from far away and could differentiate from the rest of the bi-planes.

When he saw an airplane he didn't recognize, he'd ask us, "What's that airplane's name?" Of course, we had no idea, and we wished Dap was around to tell us! Maybe next year...

But it didn't matter. Jonathan had an amazing time, and so we all did too.

Including B, the ever-supportive little bro, who slept almost the whole time.

Friday, August 22, 2014

An Airplane Ride

Dap and Jon share a special deep love for airplanes, so for father's day we arranged for a private sight-seeing flight for the two of them.

It was a surprise for both of them, and neither could believe his good fortune. I'm not sure who was more excited: Jon, Dap, or me (to come along for the ride and watch the excitement).

Jon put the headphones on and kept them on the whole time.

"Mommy, we're in an airplane! I'm like a pilot because I have pilot headphones on. We're on an airplane, Mommy. With Dap! I'm on an airplane with Dap, Mommy."

Every five minutes or so, he would look at me with a big smile and give me the "thumbs up,"

We flew over the isthmus and saw Daddy's work, the Capitol, the football stadium, the beautiful Wisconsin countryside...

We even flew over our house!

These two best buddies sure love their airplanes.

Happy Father's Day, Dap! Thanks for being so good to us.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blessing Benjamin James

On July 6 Fabio gave our Benjamin James Gaertner a "name and a blessing." 
It's a special ordinance in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (similar to Christening but the baby isn't baptized--just formally named and given special promises the man blessing the baby feels he should give).

Among other things, Fabio blessed Ben with a "great attitude towards work," a "testimony of the Gospel of Christ," a "desire to share the gospel," to "recognize the Spirit," and to "follow a path of covenants."

All the grandparents were here for the occasion, which made it extra special. 
Especially when Dap stood in the circle for Ben's blessing. 

Nay Nay and Vovo were in baby-heaven, and the babies were in attention-heaven. 

And I felt overwhelmed with how good my life is and how blessed I am.

Blessed to have the sweetest 2-year-old ever.
Blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy, perfect baby.
Blessed to have the most helpful Dad who lives such a worthy life.
Blessed to have a Mom who lives to serve and taught me what motherhood is really all about.
Blessed to have a sweet Mother-in-law who is nothing but kind to me.
And especially blessed to have such a caring, gentle, worthy, humble, tall-dark-and-handsome-dream-boat to share my life with.

The boys are pretty lucky to have such a special Daddy who takes great care them.

Love you both, F&B.