Friday, April 3, 2015

The Gaertners Go To Washington

We tagged along to another one of Fabio's work trips, this time to DC. 
It was cold, but we still hit the town.

But first, we checked into the hotel.
Jonathan was crushed when he learned there wasn't a pool.

Fabio went to work, I started to unpack and get settled, and then I hear, 
"Hello? I'd like to know what food you have for big boys--
like, trail mix or peanut butter sandwiches.
And you should build a pool. Please."

I turned around to this:

Stripped down to undies and socks, on the phone with room service.
I love to imagine what the other side of the line must have thought... 
if only they could have had a visual, too.

Air and Space Museum, in other words, Jonathan's happiest place on earth...

DC-3, one of Jon's personal fav's

And the original Wright Flyer... which Jon will tell you was 
built by the Wright Brothers and the first flight was 1903.

All with a private tour guide, Mr. Tom, who actually 
works at the museum and designs exhibits.
Our good friend, Rachel, got us the hook-up, 
and Jonathan could not ask him enough questions.
How a jet engine works,
what is the name of that drone,
what is that button in the cockpit,
and so on... and he knew ALL the answers.

And this little love was happy and mellow the whole time.

We stayed several nights with the Broughs. 
Rachel's been a friend since we were roommates in college
and she's know Fabio and I as long as we've known each other.
Her husband, Regan, is awesome and their little boy Ethan
and his trumpet are adorable.

Our time with them was relaxing, comfortable, fun, and stimulating:
Pentagon tours, heated political debates at midnight, delicious homemade food,
a lot of toy "battles," chutes and ladders games, and spiritual discussions.

It was a perfect week. It was so hard to leave, and we'll have to do it again.
Really soon. I just love this family!


Blizzards canceling church,
then LDS missionaries shoveling us out 
and Jonathan getting geared up to help them.

Two bottom teeth,
Crawling with his tummy off the floor,
smiles, smiles, smiles.

Celebrating Valentine's at the circus trip:
popcorn, blue slushies in light-up cups, and lots of clowns.
True. Love.

Pink eye. Flu. Colds. Stomach bugs.

Haunted house in Jefferson on a date night drive.

Matching clothes. Because we can.

Cold Stone ice-cream because Jonathan read
his scriptures every day for a month...
So proud of my little man.

One month older, happier, wiser, and here's hoping healthier!