Friday, July 31, 2015

Great Gaertner UK Road Trip: Glasgow

Glasgow is a funky industrial town with a hipster strain running through.

Fabio was presenting at a conference here, which bankrolled his flight to the UK and was the event responsible for our trip. So for four days we were sans-Daddy, but the boys and I weren't ready to slow down, although not surprisingly I don't have very many pictures from this segment of the trip. My hands were literally full.

We hit up the science museum, complete with a child-size full-functioning crane, and that basically filled a day. In fact, it could have filled all five if I'd wanted.

Another day we rode a taxi to the train station. Then we rode a train to the boat pier. Then we rode a boat around Loch Lomond. Then we rode the train back to the taxi queue and a taxi back to our hotel. It was a day for children that love things that go--which mine happen to very much!

Boys and trains

The "bonnie bonnie banks..."

We also circumnavigated the city on the hopper bus, swam in the hotel pool, got lost, made friends with a window-washer, had an EPIC spill at the hotel bar, got caught in the torrential rain, and lest anyone think of me as completely adventurous, watched our share of Octonauts.

I sure love adventures with these two.

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