Thursday, June 13, 2013

Khao Lak, Thailand... Again!

We celebrated my birthday last year on a gorgeous beach in Thailand. It was beautiful and relaxing and everything we could have hoped for... so much so that we couldn't resist going one more time before we say good bye to Southeast Asian beaches for a while. And then when we realized one of our Singapore-Besty-Families bought the same travel deal... well, it seemed like destiny so we went ahead and booked together.

It is an almost-impossible friend trifecta to find another family where the husband likes the husband, the wife likes the wife, the kids like the kids, and then all of the cross-ways pairings are good also. Well, these friends meet the challenge and a trip together proved to be an amazing idea. Awesomely, they are also both amazing photographers, and so we have even better pictures from this trip! (All the photo credit in this post goes to this genius and her hubby.)

It was a busy long weekend. We had to find time to play in the largest pool in Asia (which we jumped into from the back deck of our rooms),

Eat an amazing breakfast buffet every morning complete with fresh fruit smoothies and crepes,

... with three kids in high chairs. The waiters were perpetually confused.

We played on a world-class white-sand beach,

and said "hello," to a local elephant.

Four adults meant there was enough baby watchers around for activities we usually pass up: beach side yoga for us moms, a catamaran excursion for the guys, and even a heavenly complimentary massage at the spa. The massage, we learned after the moms went first, was a couples' massage. Forunately it was the pajamas-on kind, but it still left us laughing at the thought of our two very tall, very masculine husbands waiting for their turn next!

It was the ultimate relaxing and fun weekend. We're so happy we could enjoy it with such fun travel companions! We'll sure miss you, Ekbergs!