Sunday, February 3, 2013


Fabio and I were stuck on Christmas gifts this year... neither of us could think of something to ask for, or to give. So we agreed to give each other a quick trip to Bangkok instead. We threw out the wrapping paper, packed our bags, and headed for adventure December 26.

Whether it was the huge Grand Palace complex filled with ornate statues and delicate detailing...

Or the lush, natural beauty of the fresh flower market...

Or the delicious treats we found along the way...

(fancy Blue Elephant lunch... J was not impressed)

(freshly squeezed pomegranate juice... I was very impressed)

(coconut ice cream covered in sweet and condensed milk at the JJ Market... 
who wouldn't be impressed? It took all our self control to only have one serving.)

Bangkok certainly lived up to her reputation. Our time there was always exciting, always colorful, always surprising... and usually a little crazy.

Just when we thought we had the place figured out we would find ourselves crammed nose to nose on a public ferry boat with 150 other people, having only a vague idea of where it was taking us. 

Right before we got to the ferry dock... so blissfully naive!
Except Jonathan. Look at that face--he definitely felt something coming. 

We were especially surprised to learn that none of the pick-pockets in Bangkok are Thai... only non-Thai.

The contrasts were striking. We would leave an enormous golden-leafed reclining Buddha,

You were skeptical when I said "enormous," weren't you?

to see people of all walks and wealth humbly laying simple lotus flowers on an outdoor altar.

We ran for our lives across crazy crowed streets, taking in incredible vistas while we dashed...

We wondered who is putting up all the random large pictures of the King everywhere.

And of course we posed for Jonathan's adoring public, as always.

But most of all we enjoyed yet another adventure together. And we were really glad we'd been struck with a serious case of "gift-lock" the month before.

Because three nights in Bangkok was the perfect present.


  1. Pretty photos! We need a Fabio and a hiking backpack when we travel--I love that Jonathan is like a foot above the crowd!

  2. Looks like the perfect Christmas to me!