Friday, February 8, 2013

The Maldives

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, there is a cluster of tiny atoll islands called the Maldives. Fabio's wanted to go ever since he heard of them, but Jonathan is not so big on sand these days so it was hard to imagine a trip to an isolated beach destination 600 meters across being fun for our little guy.

So we've saved this trip for a special occasion... like say, a fourth anniversary perhaps?

We flew my Mom in back from the States to stay with Jonathan (which was plenty of vacation for him), and we took off to our island second honeymoon.

It was beyond romantic.

After arriving in the capital city, Male, this little seaplane took us on another half-hour flight to our hotel, on it's own (even more remote) little island.

Where we swam here...

Read books there...

Ate here...

And slept in one of these.

Then when we felt adventurous, we took a speed boat from here...

To snorkle with this 5.5 meter long whale shark.

In short, I am pretty sure I know what heaven looks like now... and it's in the middle of the Indian Ocean with water so clear you can still see everything on the bottom when it's 20 feet deep, and so warm you can run straight in without wincing, and with perfect white sand so soft it's like walking on carpet...

And there's a tall, dark, handsome, wonderful, loving, supportive, sweet, funny man there with you (well, maybe that part's just my heaven).

Happy Anniversary, Fabio!

You're the best everyday, and I've love spending my life with you. And you're even better than the best when you take me to remote island paradises, but somehow I love you just as much when we're in hot, sweaty concrete jungles. 

(But please, still take me to remote island paradises from time to time, because that was really fun.)


  1. Looks amazing Katie! SO thrilled for you! You look like you truly are living dreams! I love reading about all your adventures! Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. That place looks magical. For. Real. Happy anniversary, team!

  3. How fun for you two! I so wish I could go there right now! Winter has worn out it's welcome.