Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jonathan's Tricks

Jonathan had his 15-month check-up last week, and all is well with our little man.

Because of a series of events (some in my control, some not) I have a complex about my pediatrician thinking I'm a clueless mom. She is a great doctor--really cute with Jonathan, very thorough, completely willing to spend as much time as we need to for appointments. I just feel really self-conscious and nervous at his check-ups (maybe it's my need for approval, or being a first-time mom, or something else entirely) which makes it so I forget what he's doing and his progress when she asks.

For example, this check-up went something like this:
"Is he talking?"
"Oh yeah... more and more every day. He's really starting to learn fast."
"What does he say?"
"What? Oh, um... well, he says 'mama' and 'dada' and, um... 'ball!' yes, he says ball."
"Hmm... well, he really should be saying more words than that by now."
"Oh, he is."
"Great. What else does he say?"
"Umm..." And my mind goes blank. Then I start to worry about being a clueless mom, which then, cruelly, makes me a clueless mom and I can't remember any of the dozens of words, signs, or animals sounds this little guy fills my days with.
Then she lovingly tells me different ways that I can help him "catch up" in his speech... all of which I already do, and all of which he absorbs like a sponge, learning new words and tricks every day.

So then I stared to think, if I can't remember his words and tricks now, when I'm nervous at a doctor's appointment, how am I going to remember thirty years from now when he asks what he was doing at his kid's age? So I'm writing it down. Right now.

Jonathan's Words:

"Non Non" (Jon Jon)
"Moh" (More)
"Nannna" (Banana)
"Seesus" (Jesus)
"Nay-Nay" (Grandma Renee)
"Dampa" (Grandpa Jan)
Vovo (Grandpa in Portuguese)
Vova (Grandma in Portuguese... I spelled it wrong but blogger doesn't have the accent I need)
"Sehg" (Sage, one of his little friends)
"Baba" Bottle
"Ehmo" (Elmo)
"Meemo" (Nemo)
"Shhoosss" (Shoes)
"Peess" (Please)
"Men" (Amen)
"Zeewo" (Zero)
"Unn" (One)
"Siss" (Six)
"No" (always with a head-shake)
"Yss" (Yes)
"Juss" (Juice)
"Cah" (Car"
"Buh" (Book)
"Uh oh!"
"Bah" (Ball)
"Besss" (Bus)

Jonathan's Animal Sounds:

"Woof" (dog)
"Wee wee wee" (pig)
"Moo" (cow)
"Roaaar!" (lion and dinosaur)
"Hoo Hoo" (owl)

Jonathan's Signs (we use American Sign Language):
More, All Done
Eat, Drink, Water, Milk, Banana, Cracker,
Ball, Friend, Bus, Book, Car, Airplane,
Fish, Dog, Bird, Horse, Frog, Cat, Duck, Sheep, Bear
Please, Thank you,
Sleep, Hot, Cold, Brush Teeth, Potty
1, 2, and 5

Other Tricks:
Blows on his soup to cool it off
Blows kisses
Kisses his mom and dad on the cheek
Correctly recognize and choose the foam 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 when I say the number
Peek-a-boo and Hide-and-seek
Folds his arms when it's time to pray
Does the actions for Book of Mormon Stories
Throw webs from his wrist when you ask him what Spider Man says
Point out Jesus in paintings
Point out Mama, Dada, Nay Nay, Grandpa, Vovo, Vova, himself, and Sage in pictures
Show you how old he is
Points to the elevator and signs "1" if he wants to go to the playground (it's on the first floor), and signs "2" if he wants to go for a drive (that's where the parking lot is), and says "Siss" if we're coming back home (we live on the 6th floor)
Brings me his shoes when he's bored inside
Throw and kick a ball with (some) direction
Feeds himself with a spoon (when the stars align properly)
Dances to his favorite songs
Climbs on stools, couches, ladders, chairs... anything that makes him more likely to have a head injury
Opens anything--the fridge, zippers, cupboards, boxes, paper cassettes on printers, etc...

(As a side-note to myself thirty years from now: he'll only do these things when Fabio and you are around; if anyone else is watching the list gets dramatically smaller... you know, to make Dr.'s appointments more stressful for his poor mom.)

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  1. You are so smart to write these things because you will forget them, believe me!