Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was, in a word, magical.

We spent the week before playing with great friends: having dinners, decorating cookies, and of course, staging a "babies" nativity re-enactment. Fabio was (naturally) the "donkey", dutifully carrying "Mary" from one end of the room to the other...

and Jonathan made a very convincing "wise man".

Giving "Mary" some "myrrh" from Bath and Bodyworks--
nothing but the best from the East!

Christmas Eve dinner almost became a blight on the Holiday when I ruined an entire batch of mashed potatoes, a colander, and a pot. I thought the colander was silicon and tried to steam the potatoes in it. The colander was not silicon.

The house wreaked of burned plastic, the potatoes were covered in brown and red goo, the pot was caked with melted colander, and I started to cry. One of our sweet friends saved the day by graciously whipping up a very last minute and very delicious batch of potatoes to cover for me. Later that night Fabio scrubbed and scrubbed until he brought the pan back to usable. It was a good reminder of what we're really celebrating at Christmastime: the One who fixes and cleans up our stupidest moments and silly mistakes, just because He loves us. I was touched and humbled, and Christmas Eve was that much more special.

We filled Christmas morning with french toast, Skyping, dinosaurs, new books, and plastic cars.

Breakfast went a lot better than dinner the night before... 
I'm pretty sure it was a Christmas miracle to help me forget 
the Great Potato Disaster of 2012.

In the beginning J was kind of confused about why toys kept coming out of the boxes that had appeared overnight, but he really got into emptying his stocking.

And then came piece de resistance: our little music-lover's new guitar.

It was a hit

And after all that excitement... my men were down for the count by one in the afternoon, making it a perfect day and perfect Holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh, I love his face with his guitar! He is one adorable kiddo!