Monday, September 8, 2014


I'm really crazy about these two.

Jonathan is so good to his baby brother. He loves to help make the bottles, throw away the diapers, and sing songs when he's said. He is gentle, loving, protective, generous, and playful.

In Jonathan's eye, the little boy that pushes Jon sometimes at church isn't allowed within five feet of Ben (and neither is his baby sister, just to be safe). Jon cautiously stays between Ben and the two firmly stating, "No. No. Not my Ben." until they leave.

Jonathan kisses and hugs Ben tenderly, and prays for him every night.

Ben seems to love his brother's affection. Jon likes to rub B's hair, and when he does, Ben's whole body relaxes and his eyes get sleepy. Every time. He doesn't complain about the loving noogies and squeezes, either.

Ben loves to watch Jonathan run around the couch, dance, and be silly. Jonathan often offers for Ben to hold one of his toys while he plays (and is a little disappointed when B drops it). When I put B in the crib, Jonathan dutifully follows, climbs up the side, and sings to Ben--while B kicks and coos with delight.

It really does a Mommy's heart good to see two of her very favorite people in the world be so good to each other, and so loving. May it always be so...

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