Sunday, September 28, 2014

Big Boy Undies

So this happened last month...

Yep, this is about potty-training. But I'll spare you the details.

One morning, as I changed Jon's diaper he looked at me and said non-chalantly, "Mommy, I don't wear diapers anymore. I wear big boy undies."

Inwardly I thought, "Hallelujah! Good for you, but I have a six-week-old baby and this is not really a good time for me to potty train with you."

Outwardly I said, "Great! Run upstairs and put your airplane undies on and I'll set a timer to remind you to go potty." (We had undies on hand from our last attempt, which obviously failed.)

He put on his undies, and within two days was basically accident-free. All the problems from the last attempt were forgotten. It was his idea, and so it was going to happen. That is Jonathan all the way, if he owns it, he will make it happen. Tenacious little guy.

I'd love to take credit and share all my "secrets" for easy, tear-free potty training, but it was all him. I really just reminded, pulled pants up and down, and cheered. I'm so proud of him for choosing to grow up and do something hard, especially during a stage when many children tend to regress. He is a really special boy and I am one lucky, grateful momma.

A side note: Benjamin did not find the potty training days that magical; being put down suddenly mid-bottle or just as he was drifting off. If it weren't for Nay Nay's well-timed visit Ben would probably have some sort of trauma from the ordeal. Thanks for playing wingman, Mom.

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