Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival

September marks the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. To celebrate like the "locals" we are, we tasted some traditional moon cake (i.e. a little bitter-sweet poundcake with a whole egg-yolk in the middle-- definitely not recommending it). We also wandered the huge Chinese Garden by our house, which was lavishly decorated with bright lanterns for the month, with some friends.

We enjoyed that half of the celebration a lot more.

Sage dressed much more festive than Jon, 
but they still cracked each other up with their babbles. 

Since the festival celebrates family unity,
we thought a family photo by a pagoda was in order.

Love him!

Between bright red flags,

and fancy pagodas,

and beautiful silk lanterns,

We felt like the night couldn't get any better, until we found the shocking and slightly disturbing Chinese re-telling of the beloved Frog Prince fairy tale...

Then our night of Chinese immersion was truly complete.


  1. LOVE the pictures (and the story)!

  2. Great pictures. Actually, that is the frog-prince story pretty much exactly as I remember hearing it as a kid. Kind of weird.