Thursday, October 4, 2012

Batam, Indonesia

We thought we'd take a weekend trip while my Mom was in town, to see another part of our current corner of the world. So we took a 45-minute boat ride to Indonesia. 

Batam's a little beach island in Indonesia completely catered to Singaporeans who are looking for a short break. And... well, hey! That's us! We stayed in a place right on Turi Beach where the ocean was fifteen steps from our room, and we almost literally spent an entire weekend in this picture...

We tried to divide our time evenly between the hammock,

 The ocean,

 The sand,

 And the little hotel restaurant, where Jonathan charmed the live band with his enthusiastic applause.

Of course, the band members weren't the only ones smitten by our little man's charms... He has his Grandma wrapped around his chubby little finger.

We're so glad Grandma could come for a visit and share one of our little adventures with us! I'm really going to miss her when she has to go.