Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Islands

There's no question our favorite thing about Singapore is the friends we have made, and continue to make, here. A close second is the adventures we go on with the fun people we keep finding! This month we took a couple of day trips to little islands off the coast of Singapore.

First, Jonathan and I took a cruise on a gaudy ship with a huge group of friends to Kusu Island, just off the coast of Singapore.

The weather was perfect and it was fun to see the city from a distance.

Our buddies, Sage and Jessica

The island had a little temple, a beautiful beach (swimsuits next time), and a lot of turtles--all in one fun morning! You can see Singapore's skyline in the distance. 

I think J's favorite part was chilling with the ladies, though. Don't you think so?

Poor Jonathan. All is baby friends are girls. Or, maybe lucky Jonathan...

Then last Monday we took a precarious but functional little ferry with some friends to another island off Singapore's coast, Pulau Ubin, to rent bikes and explore the island.

We felt very welcomed

We strapped Jonathan into a safe-ish-looking baby seat on the front of Fabio's bike and cruised around jungle trails all morning. Jonathan was in heaven with the wind in his hair flying through the jungle.

Really. He's strapped in. I promise.

After a long day of biking, hiking, and wild boar watching Jonathan was exhausted and started to fall asleep, so we put him in the carrier for the trip back.

It was another fun day with great company. We just love our people here!

Jon and Sage. Such a ladies man.

Our adopted Gaertner, Lindsay. 
We're secretly happy when her husband travels 
because that means we get her all to ourselves!

Basically, we really like it here.

Majulah Singapura!


  1. Your life there seems a lot like a postcard lately! It looks like a ton of fun. Jonathan is super cute.

  2. Miss you like crazy lady! Looks like super, super fun! Miss you!

  3. Katie, two of my roommates are from Singapore! So thanks for helping me break the ice a bit that first day haha:) miss you guys!

  4. Crazy jealous of your life, Katie. Oh and I miss you too!

  5. Jonathan is sooooo cute! I actually had that same crocodile romper for Ethan. We miss you!