Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Mystery Solved

Most nights this mysterious (and very loud) sound just outside our apartment accompanies whatever we do...

When we first moved here, we thought it was a cow or some other livestock. But no one really keeps livestock in urban Singapore.

So then we decided it was someone's air conditioner that was in desperate need of repair and servicing. But it came from a different direction every night.

Maybe it was a strange Southeast Asian instrument we had never heard of, and someone was walking the grounds playing it?

Finally the mystery was solved when on his way home from work Fabio asked a Singaporean man walking in front of him what that crazy sound was...

Are you ready? Are you curious?

It's a toad.


  1. I thought it was some bird... but a toad? lol, that's interesting.

  2. I swear it sounds like my grandma's swing set. Are you sure it's not that?!

    You guys have the best blog.