Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Amazing Big Silver Ball

We weighed Jonathan last week. Nothing fancy or official, mind you, just me standing on the scales not holding him, then getting on them holding him. (We won't talk about weighing me...) he's a rockin' 17 pounds. Is he three months, yet? Nope. Not for another week and a half. We love that he's so healthy and big, especially all of his kissable rollie-pollies.

But Jonathan's size presents a problem: he cries when you sit down--or stop moving for that matter. Not always, of course, but often enough that somehow between three adults taking care of him we manage to all feel like our arms are going to fall off. Walk, walk, shift weight, shift weight, dance, dance... he's not picky as long as he (and by default, you) is moving. How does someone so little have such strong opinions?

Enter our good friends, John and Jenna. John (whom I WILL nominate for the Nobel Prize) saw me haggardly bouncing Jonathan after church and suggested his solution for when his kids wouldn't let him sit: a yoga ball. Genius! They move, you sit. Everyone wins. The next day Fabio was on a mission to find a yoga ball somewhere in Singapore. He came home with the amazing big silver ball which of course cost three times what it would in the U.S.

It was worth every penny, and not a minute too soon with all sorts of extra benefits we didn't anticipate. He falls asleep faster and deeper with it, it rolls into to any room in the house, it lets us rest our legs and arms, and it wipes clean with water!

He moves, We sit. Everyone wins.


  1. I. Totally. Understand. My baby was the same way. Not happy unless she was moving. We realized when she was about 2 weeks old that the stability ball was the best invention ever in creation. It's still one of the only ways to get her back to sleep if she wakes up in the middle of the night. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

  2. And I should have said "when" she wakes up in the middle of the night. :)

  3. Oh, man...where was this ball when I had my babies??? I'm so glad you found a great solution!

  4. Not only were we also saved by a big ball, but ours happened to be silver, too! Sammy required constant bouncing to help with his reflux and that ball was a LIFESAVER. So glad it's working for you! Love you!

  5. Oh, I thought of something else for you to consider. Do you have any slings or wraps so you can wear him? That way your hands are free when you're bouncing, or you can still give him the movement he needs when you have to stand and cook dinner or be busy with other things. Just an idea for you!

  6. Katie, thanks for the idea! Porter likes to be bounced too! So my mom and I went out and bought a yoga ball yesterday and it has already been well-used!

  7. So I think we have the exact same crib---except mine is white....great minds think alike!