Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vovo and "B'Donalds"

After Thanksgiving, Jonathan decided he needed to go to "B'Donalds with Vovo for ice-cream and french fries." He asked again, and again.

Of course, as soon as Vovo heard about this urgent need she booked a ticket to come and do just that. And why wouldn't she? Just look at that face of complete satisfaction.

Ahh, the McDonalds's fudge sundae

And because she's amazing, she also filled our home with delicious Brazilian goodness. There was the night of pasteis, kibi, and rice...

the stroganoff, the crema de milio,

the Brazilian savory "pancake"...

And then the "brigaderos," which are little Brazilian chocolates, brownies, and Brazilian frosting.

I even got to help watch and taste a little while Fabio rolled the boys around on the floor. I quickly learned one of her secret ingredients: a stick of butter!

What? You packed on the pounds during Thanksgiving? Oh, no--we gained our holiday weight the next week. And it was so worth it.

These four funsters can't hold still... 
I don't have a single picture with all four of them in focus!

We're always so happy when this beautiful woman comes to feed us, cuddle us, tell us stories about Fabio, shower us with noisy toys, and buy us ice cream sundaes at B'Donalds!

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