Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vovo Levy and Elizabeth

We left Vovó Janilce's house to visit Vovo (pronounced "Vohvoh") Levy, Fabio's grandpa, and his sweet wife, Elizabeth, who live just outside Fort Lauderdale.

Vovo is a watchmaker and repairman, 84-years-old and still working every day. Hopefully Fabio and Jon have some of those spry long-gevity genes!

We loved touring his shop full of Rolexes in various states of repair, tools for the tiniest jobs, and machines he actually made himself. I was almost embarrassed when he took a look at my own cheap watch to make sure it was waterproof.  But it is! and Levy places no stock in fancy brands.

One of several Levy-made machines

And Jonathan was perfectly content standing in the backyard with Elizabeth "watching for airplanes."

4 generations spanned, just wishing Cesar could be there too

And then we spent the day playing in the sand at Hollywood Beach (the water was freezing and full of jellyfish, so we wussed-out on swimming).

But Fabio and J dug a hole as deep as J is tall, and buried a strawberry fruit snack in the bottom.

It was an awesome second-leg to our break from the cold: full of great stories and beautiful sunshine!

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