Friday, January 17, 2014


Thanksgiving this year was full of surprises, but it ended up being one of our favorites.

When I was especially sick with new baby, my mom came out to help. She poured juice, read books, and did the laundry. It was such a relief to have her! Then, one night as she was locking up the house, she tripped and fell down our basement stairs! Fabio ran downstairs to check on her, and we heard a little "I'm in the stairwell!" She insisted she was fine, but when she still couldn't put any weight on either leg the next morning, we made her go to the Emergency Room. She had broken both legs (her right knee and left ankle), both so badly that they'd require surgery. After several nights in the hospital, the Dr. decided she couldn't come back to live with us since we didn't have a full bathroom on the main floor, and so my poor mom had to be transferred to a medical rehab facility! Fabio was a hero and ran around to get her what she needed even though he was in the middle of teaching, and I was still flattened by morning sickness.

My dad couldn't stand it any longer and jumped in his car and drove to Wisconsin to nurse my mom back to health. He completely rose to the occasion, not only nursing my mom and tending to her every need, but making food for Jonathan, keeping our kitchen cleaning, doing our laundry, and cleaning our toilets... and somehow still finding time to make wooden block airplanes with Jonathan! He was the hero of the month in no small way. Fabio was relieved to focus back on teaching, I was relieved to have help with Jonathan and the house, and of course my mom was relieved to have her hubby making sure she was well-cared-for at the rehab center.

She healed remarkably fast, and they sent her home to live with us just in time for Thanksgiving! I wasn't sure how much of a feast I was up to preparing, still feeling pretty sick most days, but between Costco and my dad to help we had quite the spread in the end! And as always, plenty to be thankful for.

rolls, stuffing, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, sliced turkey breast 
(a turkey was just not going to happen!), and pecan pie

Jonathan pounded down the potatoes (so did New Baby, if we're being totally honest), and we were so grateful to have our Naynay back.

And after it was all said and done and our tummies were ready to burst, Dap did the dishes (again).

Thanks, Daddy.

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