Friday, November 15, 2013


We've recently learned that Jonathan is decidedly anti-costume. I took him to a couple stores where he tried on the cute little fleece zebra, monster, dinosaur, and lion costumes--all of which ended with Jon on the floor in heart-broken cries of, "No! No! No pwease!!! No fun cwothes! No!!! OFF! Off pweeeeease!!!" (You can see how I tried to sell it with promises of "fun clothes"... Which didn't work the way I hoped.)

So I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel on trick-or-treating in festive attire since I'm not that committed to Halloween as a holiday anyway... And it was supposed to be fun for him, right? But then I stumbled across a little UW football jersey in Target's clearance bin--in Jonathan's size! I realized that this was a costume I could sell to J, since it was really just a shirt. It was perfect!

So we trundled off to trunk-or-treats and Halloween parties in costume with Jonathan thinking he was in pajamas, not--heaven forbid--"fun clothes".

Our little neighborhood has a fun tradition to have a pizza party for the kids Halloween night and then they all go trick-or-treating together. Jonathan loved it! He's the littlest kid in the neighborhood so all the older kids doted on him and helped him. By the end of the night (which, when you only trick-or-treat one neighborhood and all the kids go together is 7:30) he was saying "twick oh teet" with the best of them and grabbing candy from the bowl to put in his "happy punkin" like he'd done it for years. And by the time I could get my shoes off coming through the door, Jonathan was slumped over asleep on the couch with his little hand still clutching his "happy punkin." So rather than not having a costume at all, he slept in it that night!

And now anytime he sees a bowl of candy, at the bank or doctor's desk or his own happy pumpkin on my desk, he smiles and says "twick oh teet!!" No grass grows under this guy...

At the party, before the real fun started. 
Poor Daddy teaches Thursday nights so he missed out on the fun this year. 

Happy Halloween!

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