Sunday, July 14, 2013


In May we were so excited to have our friends visit us from Darwin, Australia! Even though we're four years apart in age, B has been a great friend of mine since I was eight or nine and she was in junior high. She was one of those amazingly cool teenagers that is okay with being nice to the little squirts that look up to them and thinks they are awesome. Years later, Fabio and I danced together for the first time and their wedding. More years later, she took our wedding pictures. Even more years later, we both had families on the Eastern Hemisphere and so they came to Singapore for fun. And fun we had!

They have four adorable kids, so we had five kids five-years-old and under in our tiny apartment. It was an amazing whirlwind of energy, fun, juice boxes, meltdowns, jam-packed taxis, laughing, and toys. Jonathan (and Fabio and I) were in heaven.

We enjoyed the usual Singapore fare: riding elephants and feeding giraffes at the zoo,

admiring the skyline from 42 stories high in the Singapore Flyer,

feeding tropical lorries at the Bird Park,

And then we thought, what do we do with five kids and two adults? Let's rent a station wagon and take a road trip to none other than...


With a different group, (older kids, less awesome adults, etc.) someone might call Legoland Malaysia "a bust," but we had nothing but fun the whole day. The magical thing about toddlers is that they are thrilled with the sweetest and simplest things. The magical thing about lots of toddlers is that they have this contagion effect on each other and so a park full of "lego boats" for them to steer on a river, a "lego train" ride, and a "lego car" race track results in complete and perfect joy (interspersed with tears of exhaustion and hunger, obviously).

But don't worry, we made sure to save plenty of time for naps in parks,


stroller-buddy stare-downs,

And plenty of long catch-up girl talks with an old friend.

Jon and E found best friends in each other. E made sure Jon never wandered too far by putting his arm around J and saying, "C'mon guy. I got you." He also shared his Spider Man toy and taught J to sword fight. They were both happy to have a friend to share their manly interests with--E with his crew of sisters and J with all girl buddies in Singapore!

Basically, we had an amazing time and we're so happy they came to share our tropical home with us for a few days! We love you, L's!

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