Monday, June 4, 2012

Grandma's and Grandpa's House

Jonathan and I did survive the great 30 hours of travel back to Fabio and Singapore, largely thanks to all the people praying for us (including several random strangers who met us at airports along the way, couldn't believe how far we were traveling and promptly declared that they would pray for us all day). Thanks everyone!

Our visit was absolutely wonderful. I loved seeing family and friends from college, work, even childhood. It was also a highlight to drive my parent's car, and of course to shop, shop, shop. Most of all, though, I enjoyed watching my mom and dad be grandparents and my house become Grandma and Grandpa's house. Jonathan loved all the things to see and play with. Grandpa even gave him an old remote control of his very own so he wouldn't get jealous while they watched TV together. (Before that, Jonathan kept taking the working remote out of Grandpa's hands, causing complete channel-changing chaos.) They also liked to go outside together look at the trees and flowers in the yard, often coming in with a surprise for Mommy or Grandma.

Grandma brought some of my old toys up from the basement for J. It was fun to remember the toys, and then to watch Jonathan play with them, loving completely different ones than my favorites when I was his age. Grandma is so cute with Jonathan. I love watching them sit on the floor and play together. It brings back a rush of sweet memories from my own childhood.

What surprised me the most was to feel the change personally, as well. The house felt like a Grandma's and Grandpa's house, with a yard full of adventures, fun old toys, lots of stuff to admire and look at, and all the delicious treats and snacks someone could hope for. Mom and Dad were Grandma and Grandpa. It was so natural to call them by their new titles, you would think I'd called them that my whole life. They live up to them very well. Grandpa tells stories and tickles, Grandma plays games and sings songs. We already miss them (and their house) like crazy and we can't wait to see them again... whenever that will be.


  1. Aw this post made me watery eyed. I'm glad you got to visit family and you're a trooper for the travel time with Jonathan!

  2. I miss your parents too. I am sure they are amazing grandparents!!

  3. The role of grandparents looks so good on your mom and dad! Love them and love you!