Friday, April 27, 2012


 During our time in the U.S., Jonathan was finally able to meet his Vovo (Portuguese for grandma), Janilce. She was sweet enough to agree to come to Utah for the visit to save us from another six hours of flying. We picked her up at the airport in the middle of the night so Jonathan was pretty tired, but it was still a fun reunion for me and introduction for the two of them.

It worked out nicely that Fabio's brother, Fernando, graduated from LDS Business College the same weekend in Salt Lake City. When Fernando met J, he rubbed his head exactly like Fabio does. Brothers! Jonathan looked at him kind of confused, and then gave him a great big smile. Jonathan, Janilce and I went to the ceremony, but Jonathan was done after the fifth speaker and fourth musical number (let's be honest, so was I) so we watched Fernando walk and headed home for a nap. Even though we left early, we're so proud of Uncle Fernando!

The visit was too short, but it was certainly sweet. I'm so happy Janilce and Fernando were able to finally meet Jonathan. We love and miss you both!

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