Thursday, February 23, 2012

That Magical Moment Right Before Bedtime...

Realizing I'll probably say it a hundred times more before he goes to college, I'll just start now: Jonathan is at such a fun stage right now. He's starting to understand how much we love him and our genuine concern for his well-being. The way he looks at us is full of trust and assurance that his needs are important to us. 

He woke up from his nap today with a stuffy nose. As he struggled to breath he looked at me and his expression pled, "Fix it! Fix it, please!" I laid him on the changing table and got out the weird nose-sucker-gadget he so passionately hates. He looked at it, looked at me, looked at it, and looked at me again. He put his little hand around my finger as I put the opening to his nose and sucked. He didn't cry, he just squeezed my hand until it was over, looking at me so intently. I was startled to find my eyes becoming a little misty during such a simple chore--I was so touched by how explicitly he trusted me.

It is so fun to see him smile in the morning when he wakes up and sees us. It usually takes him ten minutes or more to realize he's hungry because he just wants to play and snuggle. He's also responding more and more to teasing, and smiling when he sees his favorite toys. But nothing delights him (and us, let's be honest) more than silly games with Mommy and tickles from Daddy. It's quite the ego boost to have someone think you are so perfectly clever! 

One of the best times of day is right after Jonathan's last bottle and right before we put him in the tub. Somehow the stars align so that everyone is fed and at home but no one is tired yet. It was during these perfect twenty minutes tonight that we found Fabio's whiskers to be the perfect length--not too soft, but not too prickly--much to Jonathan's delight.

And now as he lays next to me asleep, somehow taking the lion's share of our California King bed, I can't help but think how happy I am that Jonathan knows he is loved. This really is a fun stage.


  1. Wonderful! Justin rubs Myah's feet along his whiskers and she laughs hysterically - I guess she has ticklish feet!

    Babies are so incredible. I'm glad you are feeling better to enjoy yours.

    We're keeping an eye on your dad - he's a great guy.

  2. Cutest baby boy. Ever. I can't wait to meet him!

  3. He is so cute! Really...I'm not just saying that, he is a REALLY cute baby! I just wish I could hold him and kiss him!