Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome Home!

Jonathan has proved to fulfill all of our expectations! He is (in Dr. Chang's words) "very tall like Dad" at 53 cm (21 inches); his fingers and feet are really long (at one week old, the fingers are a third the length of my own); he has a perfectly sweet temperament; and as anticipated, a giant head (14.2 inch circumference). We assume, of course, his head size is because he's so brilliant.

After two days in the hospital, we finally took our (not so) little boy home in a blue taxi. We couldn't help but remember another taxi ride we took home, also after making our family a little more complete.

November 5, 2011 in Singapore--On our way home from the hospital where we became "three"

January 9, 2009 in Salt Lake City--On our way home from the Salt Lake Temple where we became "two"

My dad always says, "Bringing a new baby home is like having a ten pound mortar dropped on your house," in the sense that everything is different. Different in such a good way! Jonathan started rocking our world from the minute there were two lines on the little pregnancy test, but "rocked world" has taken on a whole new meaning now.

We find ourselves looking at each other in total disbelief that we could love someone so much in an instant; that we could find this much joy in just watching someone sleep; that somehow we love each other even more as we watch one another love him.

How is it that every yawn, head turn, wiggle, and cry can be so endearing--even when he sends a shockingly powerful stream of pee in our faces without warning as we change his diaper? We look at each other, laugh, and love him that much more.

This Saturday a nine pound, twenty-one inch mortar was dropped on our little apartment here in Singapore--and we could not be happier about it. Welcome home, Jonathan.


  1. Aaaahh! Congratulations! I'm so jealous that you got to bring home a perfect little Gaertner already--8 weeks left for us. I love the dual pictures in taxis--so cute. I miss you!

  2. Love. Love. Love. And when I saw the taxi I TOTALLY thought of your taxi ride from Salt Lake! Congrats again Katie!

  3. awww! I got teary eyed reading this!! Such a fun journey we're on!