Saturday, October 29, 2011

26 and Overdue

Let me begin by answering the question on all of your minds: two are still one... I have not had the baby yet, despite Fabio's encouragement to "just push, that's how it works in the movies."

The 27th was my birthday, now I'm 26. My mom and I went out for lunch and foot reflexology, which felt amazing! Then, since we don't have an oven yet, we went to a D.I.Y. Cake place in the mall where they give you a little cake and tons of icing and let you go crazy. Fabio and I topped off the evening with a romantic dinner at a delicious vegetarian restaurant in town. It really was a perfect day.

It was so perfect, I almost didn't notice it was also my due date: almost. I guess the little slow poke didn't want to share birthdays with momma. That's okay. He can be his own man, I understand. Now, though, the waiting game has re-defined "agonizing." With the due date come and gone, the hours feel as though they're crawling by: we're just so anxious to meet the little guy!

In my "personal life plan" I wrote in 7th grade English, I decided I would have my first baby at 25. I just missed it, but I think I'm close enough that 13-year-old Katie wouldn't be disappointed. Besides, she's probably used to me running slightly behind schedule by now.

I have a really good feeling about 26. I think it's going to be a great year.


  1. Katie you guys are gonna be awesome parents :) i wish you were still in my ward. You and fabio were so awesome alwsys stopping to say hi when i was a newby convert. Always making me
    Feel like part of the crowd. I look forward to your fb updates.

  2. Ack that is the worst! Your OB will induce you at 41 weeks if you haven't gone into labor, though, right? He better with Fabio's stats! I'm glad your birthday was so marvelous. BTW, I still need your address so I can send you something when the little guy gets here--send it to my email: I can't wait to hear all about the labor!

  3. Katie. I'm so glad you updated. I was dying to know--anything. I even texted your old number... just in case it worked in Singapore.

    Glad to hear you had a fabulous birthday! I'm so glad we're almost birthday twins.

    And, I'm excited for you to have your baby this week!! Love ya!